primarily posting this here bc this counts as writing but agent delaware. she is very important to me. like she slacks off whenever she can (when she’s off mission and not training) but manages to stay on the leaderboard
wash is always confused by her and that’s what she likes, for nobody to get her
they fear her more that way.

ah yes this blog looks beautiful now
so i guess i’ll start out with like
a few OC canons? since this is the writing blog and shit
evie is absurdly protective of her sister lys to the point where lys is like “sis pls i do not need you standing in front of me every time i freak out over a spider”
lys is the polar opposite of evie in terms of personality but is absolute shit in a fight, even if she really really tries to one up her sister she fails horribly

the two dudes who pretend to be the paragons of heterosexuality end up being Super Gay like lys teases them about them hitting on her and evie (who wants to end them at this point) and they’re like yea we don’t know what happened either but oh well